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Tavern uses all EPA Registered chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting.

Our primary disinfectant products used are:
• Ecolab Multi-Quat Sanitizer
• Ecolab Peroxide Multi-Surface Disinfectant


Yes!  Tavern offers 3 convenient ways for you to place your order and have it either Delivered or Picked Up and delivered to your car.

Our Guest Can:
• Call the restaurant, place your order and we will deliver your order to your car.
• Go online here to place your order online and we will deliver your order to your car.
• Use the DoorDash App to place your order and have it delivered* to your home.

*Delivery area and availability determined by DoorDash.


• Each Tavern Grill has gone through a detailed cleaning and disinfecting process - the entire restaurant.  Following completion, each Tavern went through a 200-pt. inspection to ensure proper sanitation.

• Each Tavern has mandated that all staff members wear a mask during this time to prevent the spread of infection.

• We have deployed single-use menus in all our restaurants to ensure there is no cross-contamination when ordering.

• Each Guest is provided with a sanitized/disinfected single-use Tavern pen on each visit to avoid inadvertent spread of the virus.

• Every Tavern restroom has installed Hygienic Touchless soap dispensers for safety.

• Every Tavern restroom has installed Hygienic toilet paper dispensers for safety.

• Our restrooms are on a vigilant schedule of sanitizing of surfaces, faucet handles, seat covers, etc. every 15 minutes by Host members and Management.

• Each Tavern restaurant has installed convenient sanitary c-fold towel dispensers at each entry door and interior public door to be used to open doors without touching the handles - handles which will be disinfected every 30 minutes by staff.

• We have visible social distancing floor labels in our foyer to remind people to social distance as we fight this virus.

• Each Tavern has launched new technology to allow Guests to place their name on our Wait List from anywhere, then wait in the comfort of their car until their table is ready.  This can be accessed by going to our website at

• Each Tavern has installed dedicated curbside delivery parking stall signs to safeguard our Takeout Guest from crowds and limit contact with service staff.

• Tavern has removed all items from the dining table and bartop surfaces, preventing the possibility of any unintentional transmission of the virus.

• Tavern Staff members are required to wear gloves during their shift, and to avoid a false sense of security the gloves may foster, they are required to change their gloves upon particular actions of the service cycle – on average of 4 times per dining party they are serving.

• Each Tavern Staff member is always required to practice social distancing within the facility.  We ensure this by omnipresent management and required service protocols that all staff members have been trained on before the restaurant reopening.

• Our Guests can observe specific Sanitation Stations located throughout the restaurant, used by Staff members to sanitize their equipment and towels upon each use in plain sight of our Guest.

• Tavern has reduced its seating capacity to meet the State requirements and ensure the safety of our Guests.  Diners can be assured that we have ample distance between our tables to force social distancing within our operation.  Additionally, our Bar has reduced seating to accomplish social distancing.

• Each Tavern restaurant’s sanitation and safety practices are elevated, with stringent internal standards of sanitation and disinfecting daily.  Guests are assured continued safe products and service from a brand they trust. 

To Our Guests

Tavern Grill restaurants would like to thank all of our Guests for their incredible support during this public health crisis. Our Curbside Takeout and Home Delivery (DoorDash) has helped us not only continue servicing our communities, but has also afforded us an opportunity to save some jobs.

We at Tavern continue to exercise great caution when producing our product and servicing our Guests. All sanitation and safety practices are elevated during this time, and our Guests are assured continued safe products from a brand they trust.

That said, we ask for your patience during high volume periods, as it's more than just preparing the ordered product, it also takes a little more time to comply with our stringent internal standards and systems during this time.

We have looked forward to our eventual reopening for dine-in service, and visiting with all of our regulars that we dearly miss. Again, thank you for all of your support. We look forward to fulfilling your Dine-In, Curbside Takeout, and Home Delivery needs.

We will continue to follow this crisis closely and take all appropriate steps to ensure the safety of your Tavern Grill experience.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly. 

Tim Cary
Hemisphere Restaurants

We all look forward to servicing you soon.